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Finally a new Website!

Please work with me as I learn to navigate through this new site I've created, it's only taken me a year to get this far!!

I do hope you will like what you see, the embroideries of my students that they have created in class with my guidance, will hopefully give you inspiration to achieve your own works of art.

My shop products, from my own designs available in kit form, through to books, prints, threads, ribbons and much more!

Hopefully I will keep my blogs as regular as I can, but life sometimes gets in the way....we'll see how we the meantime - enjoy the journey with me, Jenny Bee

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Love the new site Jenny... so easy to navigate & inviting



Tracey Banks
Tracey Banks
Apr 06, 2019

Great work, Jenny. Look forward to your blogs when you can 😀


It looks great Jenny. Congratulations and good luck with it. Look forward to your future blogs. <3

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